Top for Bowls

Each year, in late winter, Stone Crown Green Bowling Club takes a break at the Norfolk based Potters Resort for some friendly competition against other clubs. Member Helen Mardling writes back.

‘Generally around 22 members and friends join the five-night trip to Potters and we all enjoy the chance to play competitive bowls in teams of four and to enjoy the resort’s world class facilities for the sport. Because we normally play on a crown bowling green, with a curved surface, we have to adapt our game to the flat indoor bowling greens at Potters but after a couple of practices we get to understand how the woods will roll! The knockout tournament is free to enter and we battle it out over the week, supporting each other as we go through the rounds and hopefully into the final day.

Aside from bowling there’s lots to do, whether taking advantage of other sporting facilities such as snooker, the swimming pool or the gym or taking a brisk walk along the nearby beach. The food and hotel accommodation is of a high standard, and the evening entertainment changes nightly and is excellent.

At Potters we experience a high standard of bowling yet we can relax and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded friends.’

Potters Theatre Company