The London Bridge Experience & Tombs

Twenty-four GTO readers and guests listened to tales of terror at the London Bridge Experience, but did they have the courage to enter the Tombs? Suzanne Fox dared to investigate.

Just before the clock struck three, we met Emma-Jane Nutbrown, Director of Sales and Marketing for the LONDON BRIDGE EXPERIENCE & LONDON TOMBS at the MUG HOUSE, a quaint public house under London Bridge, which has the historical feel of a Dickens novel. Whilst enjoying complimentary drinks Emma-Jane spoke about the attraction, which opened in 2008 and the benefits of visiting as a group.

As we gathered our coats, we stopped for a quick picture outside the entrance to the London Bridge Experience and after checking in we viewed a video about the history of London Bridge, from its inception in around AD 53 to the present day.

“Just spent an enjoyable but scary afternoon at London Bridge Experience and London Tombs. My wife Carol was particularly keen on the educational side but was not quite so enthusiastic about getting attacked by the chainsaw welding mad man leaping out at her from a dark corner. You can certainly see why they have won the world’s most scary attraction award last year and the UK’s for the past eight years. The complimentary drink at the Mug House was much appreciated.”

Doug Croker Paddock Wood Bowls Club

We were greeted by one of the many costumed characters and ushered into a rooms filled with an array of displays and artefacts portrayed as a factual timeline. After exploring these treasures we were led through a web of rooms and immersed in tales of murder, intrigue, fire, Jack the Ripper and so much more. We learnt fascinating stories of when the bridge was destroyed by Queen Boudica’s rebel army in AD 60 and learnt about how traitors’ heads were displayed on spikes along the Bridge. I was amazed to learn both how many fires had destroyed the Bridge, and how it had always sprung back to life. The sights and smells are too many to mention and I would not want to spoil all the surprises and tales the Bridge has to tell!

It was with some trepidation that we descended the steps for the second, and optional, part of the tour – the foreboding TOMBS.

“My friend and I had a lovely afternoon at the London Bridge Experience, it was more than I expected. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to visit.”

Maureen Ballard Barclays Bank Lepc

After a short safety talk we walked through what is an incredibly fear-inspiring experience, holding on to each other’s shoulders (and I was so glad I was not at the front!) As we edged around the maze and squeezed through confined spaces we were ‘attacked’ by an array of horrors right through to the big finale at the end.

Emerging from the Tombs, and exhausted from screaming and laughing throughout, we were finally able to relax knowing that we were now safe.

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Group rate £13.99 and one free place with every 15 booked