Nottingham Views

On a windy day in September,  Alex Elmore from the Kettering Caledonian Society, and 36 members set off on a Princess River Cruise ship from their usual Corn Market venue.

Our day began with a coach trip to Nottingham with Tim from RB Travel as our coach driver. He has become a favourite on our outings and he joined us on the cruise. We boarded the cruise from the docking station onto the River Trent.

This luxury cruise went down the third largest British waterway and we had a swan’s eye view of Nottingham at a leisurely 4mph.

There was a well-stocked bar and a delicious roast beef lunch was served with all the trimmings, followed by an apple pie and tea and coffee. We were treated most royally!

It was great to see some of Nottingham’s famous landmarks from the water, including: the tree lined Victorian embankment with its elegant stone terraces, the Trent Bridge cricket grounds, Nottingham Forest Football Club, the famous Lady Bay Bridge and several iconic Victorian bridges, still standing after all this time! Many passengers enjoyed going up on the top deck to feel the wind blowing in their hair from the fresh river breeze.

All too soon the captain turned the boat around and we headed back down the river.

It was a great experience and everyone said they had a good time. The boat was ideal for all ages and anyone who had walking aids had no difficulties with negotiating the ramps to the jetty.