In the Heights – The Hit Broadway Musical!

One to Beat!

The hit Broadway musical In the Heights was the next in GTO’s series of popular West End Readers’ Nights. Richard Dye reports back.

On a warm night in London in May, nearly 30 GTO readers and guests were transported to a vibrant Latino part of downtown Manhattan in New York, the scene for three-time Olivier Award-winning musical In The Heights.

This high energy show proved to be a success among the GTOs in attendance, with many pointing to the heady mix of salsa beats, street-dance and more traditional songs that would be at home in any of the West End’s top musicals, making it a show that has something for everyone.

The story revolves around characters in a poor neighbourhood that dream of higher things. Nina has managed to escape her background but has just returned from an exclusive university with some devastating news for her parents, while Usnavi is a young man looking for something more than just serving coffee to the locals and dreams of a return to his native Dominican Republic. But he then discovers he has sold a winning lottery ticket worth $96,000…

One of the most impressive things about the performance was that those in the key leading roles immersed themselves so much into the parts that the energy and spark was easily transferred to the audience.

All in all, this is an uplifting musical that groups will love, particularly if they are looking for a feel-good musical for the summer.

“What a wonderful vibrant exciting show! The cast were all extremely talented and the music was wonderful.
Energetic, colourful and well worth watching.”
CHRIS CLARK Langham WI, Colchester

“A fantastic show with lots of energy!”
BERYL EDWARDS Wayfairer, London

“In the Heights is full of energy, great songs and amazing background settings at the King’s Cross Theatre. Perfect for groups, family and friends looking for something different!”
SERGIO CICALO Senior Trade Sales Manager, Encore Tickets