History of the Club

passportcoverA brand new concept, the GO Travel Passport, was unveiled at the GO Travel Show on the 16th January 2016.

pagesThe passport club has been established to help GTOs obtain information and offers for group travel. Its first role was to assist group organisers navigate their way around suppliers and attractions at the first GO Travel Show, and then to keep in touch with them on line, for special information and offers about group trips.

Every GTO attending the show was given a GO Travel Passport and urged to look after it as the means to access a range of benefits, special offers and incentives going forward. During the show itself, GTOs were encouraged to visit different exhibitors to find out the answers to a series of questions asked within the passport, and then, after the show, to enter these answers on this website. GTOs who won prizes have now been contacted and you can find out about them on this site.