Exploring Windsor Great Park

The Long Walk, Windsor Great Park

Mrs Barbara Allday, co-ordinator for the Farnborough & District Historical Society, attended our Readers’ Day, A Royal Welcome to Windsor Great Park! in September 2018. Barbara found the day very enjoyable, and so she was happy to book a trip for her group in August this year. Barbara reports back.

‘The Readers’ Day with the Royal Heritage Tour around Windsor Great Park learning the history of its statues, trees and Royal connections was fascinating. I felt it was the right outing for my members who all love learning about local history so I had no hesitation in returning this year.

Copper Horse, Windsor Great Park

During our visit, my group of 14 members explored the park and we enjoyed seeing the deer close up and visiting many of the important monuments.

Our tour was led by Helen Buckham, Membership and Group Bookings Co-ordinator, at The Savill Garden,who was very knowledgeable about the Park’s history. A special memory is when we looked back towards Windsor Castle from the RAF Memorial, and saw its shadow projected onto the hillside to the left of the castle. It was a unique optical illusion that we will never forget!

Afterwards we returned to The Savill Garden’s Welcome Centre for a refreshing cup of tea and a chance to shop. Although we didn’t visit The Savill Garden itself this time, I can also recommend the beautiful gardens with its many Royal associations as a great day out for your group.’