Discovering the wonder within – at BODY WORLDS, London

Our group outside BODY WORLDS, Piccadilly.

‘To name a few phrases that are often used to describe BODY WORLDS London such as “eye-opening, life-changing or inspiring”, nothing really prepares you for the exhibition!’ reports Julie Hart who visited the London flagship venue with 20 group travel organisers and guests in January.

She continues, ‘BODY WORLDS is truly a remarkable insight to the world beneath your skin and certainly exceeded the expectations for many of our readers. Our journey started with a short introductory talk from Emma-Jane Nutbrown, Head of Marketing and Sales, with time for Questions and Answers before taking the lift to the fifth floor for the start of the exhibition, which is located at London’s Piccadilly Circus. Helpful staff were on hand to explain and hand out the easy to use audio headsets, leaving guests to wander around at their own pace.

Arranged over three floors with seating dotted around and easy access by either lift or stairs, the exhibition is an engaging fusion of science, art and health education that takes visitors on a fascinating journey around the human body, exploring the ageing process, diet and cholesterol, the beating heart and cardiovascular systems, even what happens inside if you have Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s – in more detail than has ever been previously possible. There are also interactive displays including a CPR area where visitors learn how to save lives, blood pressure and heart rate monitors and even an Anatomical Mirror where museum-goers can see their whole bodies reflected, organs and all.

One of the aims of the creators is to make visitors more health conscious, and seeing exhibits with healthy and disease affected organs side by side certainly does give you food for thought!

I particularly liked the short film at the end showing the stages of Plastination, the process invented by Dr Gunther von Hagens, the creator of BODY WORLDS, which was most fascinating. From start to finish each Plastination of a body can take up to a year to complete.

photo credit: Jerry Knies

BODY WORLDS London is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world with over 200 exhibits and it is easy to see why over 48 million people have visited BODY WORLDS world-wide.
I would like to thank Emma-Jane Nutbrown and her team for their hospitality and the opportunity to visit the exhibition along with the goody bags provided giving our readers complimentary tickets to return.’

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