Aladdin – Truly SHEER GENIE-US

Theatrical magic!

Celebrating its first triumphant year in the West End at the Prince Edward Theatre, Aladdin was truly SHEER GENIE-US!  Julie Hart reports back on this spectacular show.

Over 20 GTO readers and their guests were treated to a show-stopping magical experience in Agrabah at the end of June. With over 350 lavish costumes, mind-blowing special effects and a fantastic energetic cast, Aladdin brings Disney magic to life on stage and will appeal to all age groups.

The special effects were some of the best we’ve seen in Theatreland. We saw Matthew Croke playing the lead role of Aladdin and Jade Ewen as Jasmine singing A Whole New World whilst floating above the stage on the magic carpet!

The humour came from Babkak, Kassim and Omar (Aladdin’s side-kicks), and participation from the audience with boos for Jafar and Iago as they try to thwart Aladdin from marrying the Princess Jasmine. Featuring all the songs from the Academy Award®-winning film, the performance of Friend Like Me from Trevor Dion Nicholas playing Genie, deservedly earned a standing ovation. The orchestra was brilliant too.

I’d like to thank Encore for the excellent seats, free programme for all GTOs and the interval drinks. It was a real treat for our readers as for the first time we all went back stage for a photograph with Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie against the backdrop of the Palace on the theatre stage.

“We thought the show’s set designs, special effect and costumes were the best we’ve ever seen on stage. Until we saw the show we would not have thought it would appeal to our Bowls Club members, but how wrong we were. This will be an ideal show for us to include all family members when we arrange a visit.”

“Thank you for last night – we thoroughly enjoyed Aladdin. What a colourful entertaining show, the scenery was spectacular and the Genie !! – what a wonderful character! I have now booked through Encore to see it with my group next January.”

“I just want to say a big thank you for our readers’ night at Aladdin and how much we enjoyed it. The costumes, staging and the dancing were brilliant – everyone was great but the Genie of the Lamp stole the show!”
JEAN COOK Hertfordshire

“What a truly spectacular show with the most amazing special effects – a really wonderful evening. I can’t wait to see it again with our Group.”

“Aladdin is a very exciting musical for Groups. The staging is absolutely dazzling, the costumes are extravagant, the script is hilarious, and the special effects include pyrotechnics, lifts and of course, an actual flying carpet! A colourful night out for all, and a fantastic way to discover a whole new world.”
SERGIO CICALO Senior Trade Sales Manager, Encore Tickets