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Who’s Hiding competition!

On the first page of our bumper feature about London in the last issue of GTO we had a little mystery for you to solve!

The answer to our extra face – was a Raven – circled on the picture here.

Many thanks to all those who entered, and the winning entry was from Graham, GTO of Newbridge Theatre Club in Mid-Glamorgan.

When Julie Hart, GTO’s Customer Relationship & Services Manager, spoke to him about his success, Graham said, ‘I thought it was a great initiative and it kept me entertained for over an hour!’

The prize of £30 of M&S vouchers is flying to Graham!

What Passport Club members are excited about

On Friday 18th January 2019, GTO readers are invited on a special visit to BODY WORLDS London, the new museum experience that has just opened in London at Piccadilly Circus.

Our recent Readers’ Night was a trip to see Chicago in London. Read on to find out if Fiona Horan was razzle dazzled  by the show.

Jonathan Ingram reveals the future of note-taking for those reluctant to give up on paper. Plus our GTO readers can also claim a £75 discount code on this useful product!

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